The Ultimate Organizational Performance Profile


"Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice in any industry." - Zig Ziglar


Culture Score® is a powerful culture survey — an organizational performance profile — which measures the true condition of any team, department or organization by asking employees their perceptions about behaviors, attitudes and shared assumptions. Culture Score provides deep insight into organizational health and key drivers of employee engagement.


Designed for a few or thousands of employees, Culture Score focuses on leadership practices, beliefs and specific behavior patterns that determine the important metrics of any organization. You’ll walk away with a clear understanding and a benchmark of the foundational development needs of your organization.


Culture Score is based on leading research on organizational culture and employee engagement by such notable culture experts as Gallup Research, Ken Blanchard Research and Jason Young in his book, Culturetopia.


Culture Score measures seven culture values (what we believe) and seven culture styles (how we behave) and provides a clear picture of the strengths and needs of any team or organization with a particular focus on the impact of leadership and management effectiveness.


Culture Score Measures


Culture Score has four distinct phases including set-up, data collection, data tabulation, and results (analysis & reporting). Once the set-up process is complete, the targeted employee group receives an email invitation to fill-out the Culture Score survey via a secure online link. The process is completely confidential with employees providing information on an anonymous basis.


After the Culture Score results are tabulated, the information is carefully analyzed and reports are formatted. All Culture Score results are formatted into an overall summary report and a comprehensive report for each functional segmentation. These reports are provided electronically or in printed form.

Culture Score is easy to implement via an email invitation and an online survey that takes less than 15 minutes for individuals to complete. Full reporting and a conference call debrief with your team is included in the price.


If you are ready to take the next step towards initiating a Culture Score, please start by completing this set-up form and we will send you a detailed proposal with pricing within 24 hours.